American Idol Grand Finale 2009

The rise of citizen star

A new star is born tonight –the lights, the stage, the fireworks, the audience (celebs as your audience)…

Reality shows build a stage for showing yourself , opportunity for ordinary people shining on TV(Idol, Top Model, Top Chef, Project Runway…)

Winner or not,  you’ll get famous and popular, you are the star (Jennifer Hudson, Grammy, Oscar, Golden Globe…)

The rise of citizen judge

makes you the judge–new world record with 100 million votes-the choice of America –Kris Allen

–the greater audience–voted or not-(on the internet–social networks, online communities)-comments/judgements

Narcissism-new nechnologies/new media is all about ME

MY space, MY blog, MY video on youtube, MY vote, MY comments…

Free space of self-concentration, making judgements

Reality shows set the model behavior-what’s acceptable/unacceptable–educate the population/invite the audience to be the judge.