When I watched the movie Maria Antoinette (2006) by Sofia Coppola, I always forgot that the movie was set in the eighteenth century. Alternatively, Coppola’s Maria Antoinette is more like a queen in Hollywood’s translation. Frankly speaking, at least , I can understand the controversial life of this famous queen. I can find the same personalities from my friends who are just like Kristen Dunst’s Maria Antoinette. That is a based-on-history movie but makes you feel familiar to today’s life, today’s young women you know and understand in real life. Forget about the 18th century settings, it’s a movie about young women today.

Coppola puts her Hollywood translation of Maria Antoinette into the movie. The first sign is Maria’s accent, that’s really punk – the Queen of France has an American accent? In my opinion, if this Austrian lady ever speaks English, at least she has a British or European accent, but American English? I think that’s why the Queen makes me feel so familiar at the first place, the American accent lowered my guard. Back to the history of Antoinette’s life, most of the scenes in the movie tell the truth, but in a Hollywood way, I say. The most unforgettable scenes must be the dressing abusing, gambling abusing and cake abusing. As I know, almost all of my girl friends have that habit – when women feel pressure, upset or too excited, they always use those reasons to go shopping, spend money on clothes, makeups, shoes, handbags… and some will give up the diet and go dessert binge. All of the above are the 21st century women’s way of dealing with mood swings. Some people think women are the most sensitive animal in the world, especially the beautiful women, I believe that if Maria Antoinette was the Queen in the 21st century, she would be the most sensitive, beautiful, fashionable and powerful woman of the age. When the movie released in 2006, Kristen Dunst’s Maria Antoinette look from the movie was on the cover of many countries’ Vogue, the fashion bible started to dig the fashion that Sofia Coppola’s Maria Antoinette brings to us, and people started to read this controversial queen again. A Hollywood punk can bring this wave, like Vivienne Westwood leads the punk wave in the fashion field.

Compared to the Oscar awarded movie The Queen (by Stephen Frears, 2006), Maria Antoinette is much more Hollywood, and really can be the Hollywood Punk. The Queen gives us some moving stories about Queen Elizabeth II, it’s about a woman, a powerful woman’s political and family life. As a wife, a mother, the queen of England, any of her reactions are under the judgment of the world. From the movie we know how strong a woman could be and how struggling the life could be, to any women to any people. So if this movie brings the shocking to me, that is the moving actually. However, to a woman, the life in eighteenth century must be more unfair. Maria Antoinette also experienced the judgment from the loyal families, the pressure from her mother and motherland, the tension between her and her husband, that’s why she started to live in her way. In the movie, we can not find some shootings directly reveal her sadness or desperation, alternatively, Coppola uses the beautiful dresses, the delicious cakes and the luxury life to express the feelings of the young queen, like a fashion leader of the 18th century, Dunst’s Antoinette uses a happy way to criticize the loyal families in the year of 2006. At the end of the movie, no mention about the guillotine, no moving speech, the movie gives us a different Maria Antoinette, the queen in Hollywood translation, the punk translation.

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